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Bus & limo carpet cleaning is something that is very important that must be done, especially if you run a bus and limo service.  No one wants to rent a limo for a special date only to find a dirty carpet that reeks of offensive cigarette smoke and wine stains.  There are many ways that your company can do this cleaning job but if the carpets are very dirty and smelly you should consider hiring professional  NJ carpet cleaning services or a carpet and rug cleaning service who have the right tools to do the job.

Bus & Limo Carpet Cleaning by Professionals

If you hire a profession carpet cleaning service you should check the company out to make sure that they will restore the freshness and cleanliness of your limo or bus so they look and smell just like new.  Rental vehicles, like buses and limos, sometimes pick up messes and strange odors that just cannot be gotten out without professional cleaning.  Another reason that you should use a professional carpet cleaning ny is that their equipment can get all the allergens, dirt, and dust that are trapped deep under all the seats, which can lead to some serious, long-term damages to your bus and limo carpet.  In addition, many of the professionals use powerful non-toxic cleaning materials that non-professional cleaners cannot get.

Bus & Limo Carpet Cleaning by Your Company

If you are going to have your buses and limo cleaned by personnel employed by your company, there are many different ways that they can clean the carpets of your buses and limos.  One way that they can clean them if they are not too dirty and smelly is by using a carpet shampooer.  Using this method is a tried and true method of cleaning the carpets.  When you use this method a solution or carpet shampoo is applied on the carpet to make foam, which attracts the dirt in the carpet.  Once the foam is dried it becomes brittle and separates from the carpet, which can then be vacuumed up.  Be careful that the shampoo that you use is not so strong that it will cause visible damage to the carpet in your bus or limo.  This is also a very economic way to clean the carpets.

Another method would be to use hot-water extraction or steam cleaning.  This method of cleaning does not actually use steam but really uses hot water with the temperature between one hundred fifty to two hundred degrees Fahrenheit.  The water is pressurized when it comes out of the machine and helps to loosen the dirt and particles in the carpet. Once they are loose they are sucked out with the help of the vacuum part of the machine and stored in a holding tank.  The hot water is mixed with a cleaning solution.  It is the best method for a deep clean on carpets.

In Conclusion

To ensure that the areas are deep cleaned thoroughly it is a good idea to leave bus & limo carpet cleaning to a professional carpet cleaning company.

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