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Professional Drapery Cleaning in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut from New York City’s Carpet & Co.

Drapery cleaning is one of the professional cleaning, repairing and restoration services provided by the New York carpet cleaners at Carpet & Co.  Our customers trust us with more than just cleaning, they also trust us to help them provide a healthy indoor air environment for their families and employees.  Below is information on our NYC drapery cleaning services.

Why Clean Your Drapes

When it comes to scheduled cleaning, drapes are often neglected by homeowners simply because – unlike carpets, rugs & upholstery – stains and dirt are not as noticeable.    However, drapes need to be cleaned for more than just aesthetic reasons.

Your drapes act like a filter in your home and trap dirt, dust and allergens like pollen and pet dander.  Having a professional clean your drapery on a regular basis will eliminate these harmful items from your home and have your family breathing healthy indoor air.  Contact us today for a free inspection, written estimate and professional cleaning..

The Carpet & Co. Difference

At Carpet & Co., we pride ourselves on being the best New York carpet cleaners, drapery cleaners, restoration and repair experts, and…well, we pride ourselves on being the best at everything we do.  We do this for you – our customers.  Below are some of the reasons we feel that we are different than most NYC drapery cleaning companies.  Contact us with your questions or to get a free estimate today.

  • No Up-Front Fees – No-Obligation, Free Written Estimate.
  • Convenient Appointments – Prompt, On-Time Arrival for Scheduled Appointments.
  • No Hidden Charges – Free Pickup, Delivery, Take-Down and Rehanging.
  • No “Dip and Hang” – Professional Cleaning and Extraction of Dust, Dirt and Allergens.
  • Safe Cleaning Process – Prevent Damage and Shrinkage to Your Drapes.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Safe, Non-Toxic, Organic Cleaning Solutions and Methods.
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction – No-Hassle, 100% Complete Satisfaction Guarantee.

Types of Drapes Carpet & Co. Cleans

Our NYC drapery cleaning services cover a wide-variety of drapes.  If you don’t see yours below, that doesn’t mean we don’t clean them.  In that case, please contact us to discuss your drapery cleaning needs.

  • Drapes, Valances, Window Scarves and Sheer Curtains
  • Blackouts
  • Pleated – French, Pencil, Pinch, Butterfly and Box
  • Coated and Uncoated Fabrics
  • Fabrics Types – Silk, Cotton, Synthetic, Linen, Wool, Lace, Velvet, Voile
  • More…

Contact Us for No-Obligation, Free Estimate

Don’t wait until you notice stained, soiled or smelly drapes because at this point your indoor air is likely full of unhealthy dust and allergens captured by your drapery.  Contact us today and we will provide expert professional cleaning and care for your drapes.  More importantly, we will help you keep your indoor air healthy and clean for your family.

At Carpet & Co., we are much more than professional New York carpet cleaners.  We provide a wide array of professional cleaning, repairing and restoration services to our fellow residents in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  We appreciate your business and look forward to hearing from you.

Choose the right New York Carpet Cleaner Services
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