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The proper furniture care depends on just what your furniture is made from because each type uses a different type of cleaner and cleaning instructions..

Furniture Care—Solid Natural Wood

When you have solid natural wood furniture in your home you have made a big investment and want to make sure that you protect your investment by properly taking care of it.  When you have solid natural wood furniture, each piece will respond to the different changes in humidity and temperature.  If solid wood begins to dry out and lose moisture it will start to shrink a little.  Your table tops may even to start to part a little and tiny openings may start to appear on your solid wood furniture surfaces.  All of these things are not a defect from the manufacture but just a natural response and will not affect the soundness and strength of your solid wood furniture.

For solid wood furniture, you need to make sure that if the humidity starts to raise that you do the following:

  • Make sure that you use a humidifier in your home to help regulate the humidity
  • You should make sure that when you polish your furniture that you are using a high quality furniture polish
  • Protect your furniture from excess heat, sunlight, and scratches, and as soon as you notice a spill wipe it up.

Furniture Care—Lacquer Finishes

For furniture with a lacquer finish it is first sealed and then the lacquer is applied.  You must also make sure that you seal it with a good furniture polish so the finish will remain elastic and stretch with the wood.  If you do not seal it and leave it untreated it can become dry and brittle resulting in the seal being broken as the top either contracts or expands.

Make sure that you do not put anything hot directly on the surface or let spills just lie there without wiping them up because both can cause a lot of damage to your lacquered finish.  Make sure that you use a coaster, place mate, table pad, hot pad or something when you are serving drinks and/or food.  To preserve and protect the beautiful finish you must follow these simple lacquered care tips.

Furniture Care—Fabric

When you get furniture with a fabric covering you should make sure that you have a warranty that covers any defects in workmanship and material.  Try to avoid direct sunlight on your new furniture and make sure that you vacuum it once a week because if not, the grim and dirt will cause the fabric on your furniture to wear our quicker.  Before using any type of cleaner make sure that you test a small area to see if it is color fast because if it shrinks or “bleeds” it needs to be professionally cleaned.

In Conclusion

When anyone buys new furniture they want to make sure that it lasts them many years because good furniture can be expensive so check the furniture care label first to see how much care it is going to need,  and if it is worth the investment.

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