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No one wants to go to sleep on a dirty mattress so it is important that you do mattress cleaning on a regular basis. When you go to bed you want to be able to relax and get a good night sleep but that is hard to do on a mattress that is dirty, stained, and quite possibly smells.  Unfortunately it can be a task that is not only difficult but may take quite a bit of time.  If you do not have the time to devote to this task you can hire a company that does mattress cleaning NY to do the hypoallergenic cleaning.

Mattress Cleaning—Do-it-yourself

A way to keep a clean mattress is to make sure that you are protecting it from dirt, liquid spills, mites, and dust; you should use a mattress protector or pad that is waterproof.  These are especially necessary for children’s mattresses if they still have accidents at night.  Using them can reduce how often you have to clean your mattress.  You can also purchase the mattress bag for this same purpose.  In addition to reducing the amount of mattress cleaning you need to do, they can also reduce or even prevent the how often an allergic reaction can happen from dirt, pollen, dust particles, and mites that might be in or on your mattress.  You will still need to clean the mattress bags or pads on a regular basis but they are much easier to clean than a mattress.

To clean your mattress, strip all the bedding from it and use a vacuum on it.  The best type of vacuum you can use to make this an easier chore is to use one of the small hand-held vacuums.  Once you have vacuumed one side, you should flip it over and do the other side.  You should not over-wash your mattress with water and harsh cleaning solutions.  In addition to vacuuming, you should regularly steam clean the mattress to remove stains and dirt.  You do need to make sure that you steam clean your mattress early in the morning so it has time to completely dry before your bedding is put back on.  If not, and it is still damp when you put the bedding back on it can create an area for molds and fungi to grow.   A fabric cleaner that is mild can also be used occasionally.

The most difficult thing when cleaning your mattress is removing the liquid spills and urine stains.  The way to do this is to make sure that you clean the stain or spill immediately after it happens before it can settle down into the fabric of the mattress.  For spills use some type of cloth to that can soak the stain completely up.  It may take more than one cloth.  You can remove the odor and stain by using a detergent cleaner or soap that is mild to scrub it out.  To get out the odor you can use baking soda sprinkled on the area, and then remove it with the vacuum cleaner.

In Conclusion

If the mattress is really stained and has strong odors, you should use a professional Mattress Cleaners NYC company.

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