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Scotch Guard is a durable water and stain repellent that is applied to furniture, carpets, and fabric to help protect all of them from future stains and is a 3M brand of products.  The original formula was an accidental discovery in 1952 but in 2003 it was reformulated by 3M to get rid of all the harmful toxic chemicals that were in the original formula.

It is a protector that has always been trusted for the products ability to resist soiling and repel liquid spills.  There is now even better protection for carpets that will treat the whole carpet from the carpet backing to the tips of the carpet fiber.  It is called Scotchguard Protector Advanced Repel Technology, which uses a very unique a co-exhaustion, one step process that many carpet cleaning services in NY and NJ carpet cleaning companies use when they come to your home to professionally clean your carpets.

Many times when you buy new furniture and even carpet, they have been treated with Scotch Guard to protect your sofa, chairs, ottomans, love seats, etc and your new carpet to protect everything from stains, dirt, spills, and more.  That is something you check before you purchase new furniture and carpet that it has been treated.  Being treated will make both your carpet and furniture last longer.

If you have children and/or pets both can wreak havoc on your carpets and furniture by running in with mud on their feet and paws, spilling food and juice on the carpets and furniture, marking on the furniture with markers and crayons, animals urinating on the furniture, and so many other things children and pets can do to your furniture and carpets.

When you have Scotch Guard applied it will:

  • It will help protect against water and oil based stains
  • It will help the carpet fibers resist soiling
  • It will help your upholstery fabric and carpet resist stains
  • It will help upholstered furniture and carpet to stay cleaner for a longer period of time.
  • It will help to create an invisible barrier between stains and the fabric
  • It will help to prevent the dirt form sticking to the fibers in the fabric

If your carpet has this type of protection it will make your vacuuming chore a lot easier because with this treatment the carpet will release the dirt easier and quicker.  Because it repels liquids, if something is spilled it can be blotted up quickly to prevent staining.   It can help repel threatening stains like oil and wine to protect your rugs, upholstery, and carpet.  You do need to make sure that if you have your carpets professionally steam or deep cleaned that you ask the technician to reapply Scotch Guard.  Deep and steam cleaning does not remove the treatment but having it re-applied will make sure that it lasts a longer period of time.

In Conclusion

If Scotch Guard is applied properly, you will have a shield that helps to repel dirt, liquid, and grime so you will have time to clean it up before it becomes a stain.

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